Semi Automatic Press Grommet Machine for metallic & plastic grommets

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The CS-TIDY-41 is an affordable, portable pneumatic grommet attaching machine which offers a safe and efficient way to fasten self-piercing metal grommets to banners, tarpaulins, flags, truck covers, awnings, industrial fabrics, signs, posters and more.
Featuring a simple, CE/OSHA-compliant safety guard and a manual triggering mechanism, its standard version weighs less than 7 kg ., uses no electricity, and has a convenient slug collection drawer compatible with special CS-TIDY-41 self-cleaning grommet setting dies. Upgrade your grommet press setting machine to the CS-TIDY-41 for more efficient and accurate grommeting while keeping your working place tidy.

Αρχεία (CS-TIDY-41_FEATURES.pdf, 241 Kb) [Download]